Ebooks have taken off. It's a wild ride. Are you joining us?
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"Build Your Kindle Publishing Empire

"From Your Home Office,

"One Word at a Time."

If you've heard all the talk about Kindle publishing, and the millions of dollars some writers are making, you may have wondered whether this is for you. It may well be... read on.
Angela Booth
Hi Fellow Writer

There's never been a bigger opportunity for writers than Kindle publishing.

It's amazing. I just heard about one writer who put a cookbook onto Amazon, and made $700 in a month*. The cookbook's still selling well.

No one was more surprised than that writer. :-)

Every writer I know is jumping onto self-publishing. You know that I've been writing and selling info products for over a decade.

Writers are focusing on ebook self-publishing because ebooks sell. You can sell ebooks on Amazon's Kindle Bookstore, or you can sell them on the Web, as I prefer to do, simply because it gives me more control.

I believe we're only just on the cusp of the self-publishing bonanza. It's mainstream, but both writers and readers are familiarizing themselves with this new world.

The best is yet to come.

Just for you: a package of products to build your Kindle empire

I've been working with writers who are getting into self-publishing, and their biggest question is: "Which of your products do I buy?"

After putting together a package for self-publishers, Julia suggested that we call the package: "Master Writing and Selling Kindle Books", and offer it to readers.

If you're getting serious about Kindle publishing too, this package is for you.

Everything You Need: Master Writing and Selling Kindle Books (or ebooks you sell on the Web, of course)

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Make Money TODAY: Create "Instant" Products for Fast Cash
I've been writing and selling ebooks and other info products online for more than a decade. If you know me at all, you know that I help others to do this successfully.

Here's the thing: I've found that too many writers procrastinate. They start with all good intentions. They're excited and enthused. They know that they CAN DO THIS!

Then something happens. They start to obsess, and second-guess. Before you know it, real life has taken over, and they decide they'll complete and sell their ebook "later". Next week, next month, or even "when I have more time".

I've watched this happen with some of my students, and it's depressing.

So, I came up with a cure: "instant" product creation.


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Fast and Easy Kindle Publisher: Turn Free Stuff Into Kindle Cash
Want to generate cash from your kitchen table -- and quit your day job?

Others are making money from Kindle publishing. The lucky few are making millions. Some are making great money -- and that money increases each month.

Imagine generating cash from your kitchen table. You can let Amazon do all the heavy lifting. Amazon's got a proven publishing system, after all.

I've discovered that that proven publishing system is the solution to a big problem when you make money with info products.


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Write AND Sell Your Ebooks With Angela's No-Fail Ebook Sales Formula
Amazon's Kindle launched the ebook bonanza... When you write ebooks, you can sell directly to readers -- either on the Web, or via ebook stores, such as the Amazon Kindle Ebook Store.

Indeed, the huge success of some writers on the Kindle Ebook Store has launched a self-publishing frenzy.

But... you need to know what you're doing.

I've been selling info products like ebooks for a decade. Over the years, I've developed a process -- a formula, if you like.

That formula ensures that before I write an ebook, I know that the ebook will sell.

If you're not selling as many ebooks as you'd like, or if you're an ebook newbie, you need the formula.



NEW: Now There's MORE -- Now Includes 4-Week Ebook Writing, Sales and Publishing Coaching Workshop

Want to get fired up to create your own ebook empire? Now you have four weeks of solid coaching to get your empire going. (Or turbo-charge it if you've already published ebooks.)

This workshop is based on my Create and Sell Books and Courses FAST with a Mentor program. Over three months this $2,999 program takes you from ebook neophyte, to pro. (Currently the program's fully booked.)

Although it's shorter than the mentorship program, this workshop is powerful. The workshop's tailored to YOUR needs and goals. Each week we'll write together.

The big benefit is accountability, and personal guidance.

Why this workshop? Because I want you to develop your publishing empire -- it's never been easier to create a longterm business. There's no startup capital required, just your time… four weeks.

(If you need longer than the four weeks to complete the workshop lessons, that's fine. Complete the lessons and tasks in the time you have available.)

Watch and follow along, step by step -- Get ideas, write, publish and sell YOUR ebooks

In this workshop, we'll write and publish together, step by step.

Find ebook ideas you know will sell, create "instant" products, and sell them.

From working with my writing students, I know that it's challenging to work on your own. You lose motivation and inspiration. You get stuck. This workshop guides you through the entire process -- you'll watch and follow along with me… The process will ensure that you create as many ebooks as you want this year, AND they'll sell.

A couple of workshop members have committed to "an ebook a week"… once you learn the process, you can create a publication schedule that works for you. What if you created just one ebook a month, and sold it for $17 on the Web, and $9.99 on the Kindle? At the end of 12 months, you'd have 12 ebooks, all selling on various platforms.

How much money could you make? I have no idea. However, I'd be very disappointed (not to mention disbelieving) if you couldn't make at least $100 a week from your ebooks. Of course, I'll encourage you to aim much higher than that… :-)


Your secure payment is via PayPal or card. Download instantly. Your package contains a zip file with PDFs and videos. (Double-click the ZIP package, to reveal the PDFs and videos.)

IMPORTANT: Must-have software if you're on a Windows machine
If you're on a Windows machine, life is complicated, especially when you download videos.

If you're on Windows, I encourage you to download and install the following software. It's free software, and it will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
Download Accelerator Plus.

* Unzip -- free

* A free PDF reader

Foxit Reader.

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
VLC free open source media player.
Angela Booth
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