Information products sell well, so there's huge money in information products like ebooks. As a writer, you're poised to make a killing… IF you know how.

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"Want To Make $500 A Day From Your Home Office?

"You Can, When You Write Hot-Selling Ebooks.

"Recently an Ebook On
Attracting Humming Birds To Your Home Made Half A Million Dollars In One Year."

Hi Fellow Writer

Are you making as much money from your writing as you could be making? While the writing life can be fun and highly profitable, for many writers it's not.

There are hassles:

* Magazine writers deal with dozens of rejected queries, and slow (or no) payments…

* Copywriters deal with clients who expect their copy to spin the straw of unsalable products into gold…

* Web writers struggle to find high-paying gigs…

If you've had these challenges, I'm sure that at times you've been so close to despair that you'd give up writing in a heartbeat – if you could. If you're a born writer however, it's not that easy. Yes, you're unhappy when you're writing, but you're even more unhappy when you're not.

Is there a solution?

Yes there is. If you love writing, pay close attention. You can write what you want, and make the money from your writing that you dream of.

You just have to know WHAT to write.

There are many, many ways to make money writing, but…

Yes, there are many ways you can make money from your writing, and some are highly profitable, but let's face it, on some days a job flipping burgers at the golden arches would be more fun.

Relax. There's an answer. You CAN make great money from your words, when you turn your words into info products.

What are "info products"?

Basically, an info product is a product you write… like an ebook, an online course, or a membership site which offers information which is in high demand. I've been creating info products for years. Here's a list of my current info products for writers.

Have you discovered the info product gold mine?

Info products like ebooks can be literal gold mines. Once created, your info product will sell for years. They can make a lot of money. Recently, an ebook on attracting humming birds to your home made half a million dollars in just one year. Crazy right? Who knew that there were so many people in the world who are interested in humming birds?

Perhaps you have considered writing and selling an ebook, but you're worried that they take too long to create.

You can create info products fast
Here's a secret: your info products needn't take long to create. One of my students was hired by a client to create a info product fast.

My student chose an idea and got the info product online within 24 hours. He simply recorded several screencasts, uploaded them to a server, wrote the sales page, and started selling… his client made (lots of) money, and so did my student.

By the way, once you learn the fast-product creation process, you can do what this student did: you can advertise your services as an info product creator. That student made $5000 for one day's work.
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Introducing "Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products"

I wrote Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products because so many writers are struggling with ebooks.

Every week, I receive email messages saying: "I wrote an ebook six months ago, and...." Or "I want to write an ebook about..." Or "How can I be certain that my ebook will be successful..."

Creating and selling ebooks needn't be stressful. If you've written an ebook, or if you've created any information product, or if you want to, then Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products is for YOU.
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You'll discover:
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An easy process to write a full-length ebook in seven days or less – this is the process I use, and teach my private mentoring students;
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A way to come up with new info products EVERY MONTH (do this, and you'll soon be making $1000 a day from your info products);
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THE ONE SECRET you must know, to sell more copies of every ebook you create;
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Copywriting secrets which will help you to write money-making sales pages for your ebooks, so that money pours into your PayPal account every day;
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What to do when you need FAST cash from an ebook or other product you've created;
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A disastrous pitfall to avoid – make this mistake and you're throwing money away;
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And much more -- you'll learn my own personal secrets for info product creation.
I've put everything I know about creating and selling info products, for myself, as well as for others, into Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products.

Although nowadays I only create info products for myself, I've written dozens of ebooks for others, which sold very well. (By the way, you can do this too – if you need money, then write ebooks for others, Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products shows you how it's done.)

Do YOU want to make $500 a day from your home office?

If you love to write, then creating info products is for you. Not only can you decide exactly what you want to write, and when, you can make much more money than you can at a day job. $500 a day translates into $182,500 per year.

Does that sound good to you?

If it does, you've got an amazing opportunity now, to generate the kind of income you want to make. Eliminate the writing competition, by writing exactly what you already know.

Here's what people are saying about Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products

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"I just want to let you know what I've been up to. You were so right, I took your advice to heart, and I've MADE SALES! (In case you don't remember, I contacted you about never being able to finish anything and get my ebooks online)... You sent me Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products. I read it in a day, and within another day I had two discarded ebooks online... and selling. Thanks so much, Angela. This came at the right time for me, I quit my day job a week before the business announced it was closing down." Colleen, USA
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"Hi Angela, thanks so much for Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products. I've got my first ebook online, and selling. After one month, I'm averaging $200 a day in profit! I can't believe I'm doing it. Neither can my family. I'm using Pay Per Click, and my ad spend is just $20 a day. I've got so many ideas my head's buzzing. This is the first time in all my 14 years of writing I've ever been so happy and confident, because I know that money's coming in, and how much I make is up to me." Pete, UK
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"Thanks for the advice, Angela. I deleted about half the book, like you suggested, so that it's a standalone product. I'm using the material I removed for my new membership site -- and I've already got four subscribers, without any advertising at all. Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products showed me how to write fast, and just DO IT. You're an inspiration to me." Tina, Germany
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"Again you blow me away! I was struggling ... and there you were again - showing me the way. I am becoming a true believer in synchronicity and guiding angels! Thanks so much for your latest, "Words into Cash". You are the consummate writing professional. Thanks for all you do." Helene U. CA

Want to make $500 a day from your own info products?

Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products gives you everything you need to start creating your own information products, whether they're ebooks, membership sites, audio or video programs -- or anything else.

Your package includes:

* Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products -- 87 pages of comprehensive information with tutorials;

* Ebook Secrets -- a 23-page bonus ebook by Angela Booth packed with information product tips;

* a guide to getting a Web sales page online within half an hour.

BONUS: 10 Videos -- Get Onto the Amazon Bestseller List With YOUR Book

Create a Bestseller
Self-publish your book and turn it into an Amazon bestseller.

This series of TEN videos shows you how it's done -- in 120 minutes of pure gold.

I LOVE this material; I'm following it, and I encourage you to do so too. You're shown how to get onto the Amazon bestseller list by someone who's done it -- from go to whoa.
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SPECIAL BONUS: free coaching

Not only do you get all the information you need in Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products, you 15 minutes of coaching too -- this is a $75 value. You can take your coaching at any time, email.
You'll be motivated as never before... just minutes from now.

Payment is via PayPal; use your credit card, it's completely secure.

Enjoy. :-)

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The package contains PDF files and videos, and you can download it instantly on payment. (Double-click the Zip package, to reveal your PDF files and videos.)

If you're on a Windows machine, the free software recommended below will be helpful, especially Download Accelerator; the package is roughly 170MB...

IMPORTANT: Must-have software if you're on a Windows machine
If you're on a Windows machine, life is complicated, especially when you download videos.

If you're on Windows, I encourage you to download and install the following software. It's free software, and it will make your life easier.

* Download without pain
Download Accelerator Plus.

* Unzip -- free

* A free PDF reader

Foxit Reader.

* VLC media player: watch your videos in style
VLC free open source media player.
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