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"Quality Content Is King Online,

"Get The Keys To The Kingdom And

"Develop A Six-Figure Income."

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Creating better content faster is your secret to online riches:
Discover the super easy method to creating great content fast;
End procrastination and uncertainty forever:
Get all the writing jobs you want, AND develop multiple income streams with websites, blogs and ebooks.
Want to quit your day job?
You can, when you know how to create content fast.
There's a huge demand for content online. If you want to develop a six-figure in come by creating content for websites, blogs and ebooks, read on...
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Hi Fellow Content Creator

The online world has become powerfully competitive. The competition's all about content.

All things being equal, the more great content a site has, the more traffic and sales.

This means that there's a huge demand for content creators. If you want to develop a six-figure income, you must become a master content creator, so you can create your own websites, blogs, and ebooks.

I've been online since the 1980s. I vividly remember the birth of the Web. In those long ago days, I gave presentations on the power of the Internet for business, calling the presentations: "The Age Of Creativity".

We're living in the Age of Creativity today.

Everyone needs to be creative, but simple creativity isn't enough. You need to be creative in a specific way so that you're able to create unique content FAST.

If you do that, you'll get all the Web writing jobs you can handle, because everyone needs great content.

What's more, you can use your creativity for yourself, when you create your own websites, blogs and ebooks.

Perhaps you've already tried, but became discouraged. If that's you, read on...

Get all the Web writing jobs you want -- Google's updates are GREAT for writers

Pay attention now.

Google's updates come thick and fast, and have kicked so-so sites to the curb. These days, websites need great content to survive. If you can create that content fast, you'll be treated like the gem you are.

I own many, many sites and blogs, and can't create content for all of them. Therefore, I've developed a system I teach the writers I hire, so that they can create content for me.

My writers tell me that they love my system.

They've used it to write for others, and become fully booked.

They've also increase their hourly rate, because they've learned how to write better content...and they use my system on their own sites.

These days, if you can write QUALITY content, you'll never lack for writing jobs.

On the other hand, you can also write for yourself. This is where the money is.

Forget writing content for others, create your own sites and blogs

Writing for others is great, because you get money into your PayPal account.

Creating your own sites is better however, because you develop multiple residual income streams. You write today, and get paid over and over again.

That's the major benefit of learning to create great content fast -- you can create your own online properties.

But what if you find creating content a challenge?

Do you find it hard to create great content?

Many writers do.

I've been lucky in my career, because I started out as a novelist and magazine writer. I trained myself to become prolific very early, because then rejection couldn't touch me. I had so many irons in the fire, that rejections became immaterial.

Once I started creating content for the Web, staying prolific was vital. I owe my own success to the ability to create content FAST. I create sites and blogs, and information products.

Over the years, I've shared my own content-creation strategies with my students, because so many find it hard to create content.

Now I'll share my content creation secrets with you.

Brand New Second Edition... 60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster

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The ONE essential secret to FAST, TOP QUALITY content:
That fast content becomes great content, IF you understand this secret;
A complete quality-content creation process step by step:
This process ensures that you can create money-making content for any purpose;
A simple method of creating unlimited, unique content from keywords:
Your content will get found, and readers will love it;
Why you're smarter than you think you are:
Stop thinking, and start creating. These days, the more you write, the more you earn -- as long as you write quality content;
How to research (top quality content depends on your research skills):
My own process -- create websites, blogs and ebooks which add dollars to your bank account every day.

What early readers have said about 60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster

"Angela asked me to read '60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster' because I know it works -- she taught me the process in her coaching class. (The best investment ever, by the way.) The process took me from novice writer to professional, from zero income to working with great clients all over the world. It works for me; it will work for you."
Alan M. Japan
"Thanks for asking for my input for '60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster', Angela. This came at just the right time for me. I took on too many client projects. I was procrastinating... didn't know what to do first, or next... The 60-second process got me moving, working faster... Every single project was done before the deadline! I just received a retainer that's triple my monthly income because a client was so impressed he wants a new contract."
Rick P. UK
"Working from home was just a dream for me. I thought writers starved. Angela shared the 60-second process in her coaching class a year ago. Last week, I signed a contract to create eight Kindle ebooks for a client in the next six months. It's a BIG contract. Made my partner smile, and kids create shopping lists. I'll always be an Angela Booth fan. :-)"
Jayne R. USA

60-Second Content: stop thinking, start writing

You'll love the 60-second content creation process because it's easy. It works for my students; it works for me; it will work for you.

It's easy, even for new writers. I teach it to writers I hire, because they need it. If you want to increase your output and double and triple your income, you need to learn this process.

What you receive with 60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster

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60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster -- 2nd Edition, revised and updated for today's content market
PDF, 64 pages

Solidly practical information you can use today. The process I share with you will give you confidence, and will increase your income as you increase your output and become prolific.

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Blog Content Cash: Make Money from Your Blog's Content
PDF, 22 pages

Got a blog? This guide helps you to look at your blog's content (and all content) as a collection of money-making assets.

It shows you how to make money from your content over and over again.

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Ultimate content idea generation
One hour video, plus presentation and PDF.

Quickly find content for ebooks, blog posts, books, articles, and more...

Everything you need to come up with fresh content ideas, day after day.

Create ideas, and then discover clever new way to profit from your ideas.

If you're creating content for your own websites, ebooks and products, you'll discover the top niches which make money.

You receive the keys to content generation. How much is that worth to you?

It's never been easier to make money as a writer. (I wish I were starting out today... :-))

That said, most writers struggle.

Sadly, many give up. They stay in soul-destroying jobs they hate, when they could be writing. Imagine if your daily commute were a short walk to your home office. You spend the day writing, perfectly relaxed, and having fun while you create a great income.

Want that for yourself?

I'm giving you the keys, so how much would that be worth to you?

My coaching students pay $3,000 for that.

I won't charge you anywhere near that amount. It's more than worth it (students tell me it's the best investment in their future they've ever made), but I know that for struggling writers, it's a real challenge.
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Yes, you receive BONUS COACHING too

As with most of my writing guides, you receive bonus coaching with this guide.

Coaching is $300 per hour.

As a very special bonus, you receive 15 minutes of content coaching, via email, completely free. This is a $75 value.

Do take advantage of it.

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